January 3rd 2017 6:30pm
Mid City Police Station
4310 Landis St.

1. Call to Order
2. Approval of December Minutes
3. Approval of the Agenda for the meeting
4. Public Comment (limited to 3 minutes)
5. Elected Representative and Public Safety Comment
6. Committee Comment (limited to 3 minutes)
7. Business Items
7.1 Brief review of Board Meeting/minutes for general update
A. Addition of Social Media Chair – Mick Rossler
New logo, Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email. (see below)
7.2 Updates about Taste of City Heights
7.3 Review of Town Council Board positions and expectations
A. Un-appoint Maurice Federle, add opening for District 2 or At Large
B. Removal of Vice Chair position
C. Removal of Vice President position

8 Adjourn. City Heights Town Council next public meeting is February 7th

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Email: cityheightstc@gmail.com
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